RallyBright for Team DISC+ & Conflict Style

Strengthen team relationships and dynamics

Better business outcomes are the result of intentional effort and a shared willingness to figure out what it takes to succeed. Exceptional teams invest energy in performance development and the high-impact conversations supported by RallyBright.

Develop positive team dynamics

Understand how team member workstyles and conflict styles affect team relationships, communication and ways of working together.
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Learn how your teams operate on a granular level

Once you learn the key elements affecting your team’s performance, you can go a level deeper to understand member workstyles. Get a line of sight into how your team surfaces and resolves conflict, and how that impacts team creativity, innovation and problem-solving.
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Team DISC+: Decode your team’s behaviors and personality types

The Team DISC+ report leverages your team’s individual workstyles and provides a simple, actionable analysis of your team’s professional and personal priorities and preferences. Gain a better understanding of your own behaviors, as well as those of your colleagues.

Team Conflict Styles: How do your teams negotiate conflict?

Most teams use a combination of conflict styles as they navigate high-stakes situations. Understanding each team member’s primary and backup conflict style is an important window into a team’s interpersonal dynamics. Analyzing these styles offers clarity on how and why your teams produce or don’t produce the expected results.
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Import your other team assessments for a combined view of key data

The RallyBright platform is extensible enough to include other assessments you may have deployed for your people and teams. RallyBright will combine the data from assessments of your choosing to create a unified view of your team and how they work together.