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In our new podcast, Real Talk with RallyBright, listeners will walk away with practical advice for building resilient, high-performing and inclusive teams and learn how some leaders are making work better for everyone.

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Ep. 1: Team Growth and Performance with Alex Boyd, CEO & Founder, RevenueZen
Ep. 2: Team Dynamics with Joe Colangelo, CEO & Co-Founder, Bear Analytics
Ep. 3: Establishing Alignment with Greg Williams, Director of IT Operations, University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Ep. 4: Building Connection and Purpose Through Hypergrowth With David Egts, Chief Technologist, North America, Public Sector, Red Hat
Ep. 5: The Building Blocks to Developing High Performing & Inclusive Teams With John Haynes
Ep. 6: Improving Team Collaboration With Megan Dunn
Ep. 7: Strengths-Based Teamwork for Business Success With Owner & Sr. Talent Strategist, I Am Strong Consulting, Chantal Henry
Ep. 8: Transparency and Role Clarity With Kareem Mossad, Executive Leadership Coach & Owner of Kempire Consulting
Ep. 9: How to Rally Your Team Around a Shared Vision and Set of Values With LTC(R) Oakland McCulloch
Ep. 10: How to Create a Culture Where It's Encouraged to Ask for Help With Karrie Brasazki, Fractional COO of Redwood Executive Coaching