About RallyBright

We’re on a mission to make teamwork better for everyone.

We believe awesome teamwork is the engine of the world’s best work, and that great collaboration powers the greatest organizations. That’s why we created the RallyBright platform for teams: a suite of behavioral-science-backed software that helps business leaders build exceptional teams by identifying and targeting the hidden factors that supercharge team success.

Our guiding principles

Support teams as the biggest drivers of success
Use technology to scale and democratize performance development
Help people learn and grow

Meet our team

We’re a diverse group of advisors, coaches, customer success, sales, marketing, operations and technology professionals working together on a 100% remote and globally distributed team.

Our Values

We work cooperatively and with open minds and hearts to achieve high-performance teamwork.
We strive to continuously develop as individuals, as well as to enlarge our impact, scope of service and results as a company.
We adjust quickly to changing conditions and aspire to pursue excellence with optimism, curiosity, creativity and a growth mindset.
Drive to Serve
We uphold quality and professionalism, and strive to go above and beyond in our service to customers, partners and one another.
We honor genuineness and invite others to be who they are, striving to interact with honesty, integrity and courage.
We welcome others as valued friends, colleagues, partners and customers; we engage with others in a spirit of appreciating the contributions that each individual brings.