RallyBright for Team Performance

Build exceptional teams that deliver high-impact results

Teams determine an organization’s performance in today’s collaboration-first world. RallyBright helps your teams optimize performance and adapt to rapidly shifting environments, learning and growing together from successes and setbacks.

Define your team’s
next steps to better performance

Assess, benchmark and improve your team’s performance with roadmaps and resources designed to help teams achieve high-performance collaboration.
Trusted by exceptional c-suite leaders at exceptional organizations:

Lead your teams to higher resilience

Our flagship team-centered assessment helps you optimize your team’s performance. View team strengths and areas for improvement, along with roadmaps and resources to drive meaningful change for your team.

  • Built on research conducted over 20 years at leading organizations 
  • Benchmark your team and see where to drive the most impact
  • Quickly identify where your team stands on impact and engagement
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Benchmark and optimize your team’s performance

Get consistent and validated measurements across teams regardless of hierarchies and geographies. Measure where your team stands and what they need to improve. Identify your high-performing teams and understand how to operationalize their best practices.

  • Learn where your team stands on the team development pathway
  • Surface your team’s top-10 greatest strengths and opportunities for improvement 
  • Benchmark your team against peers in your industry

Quickly identify your team’s behaviors and opportunities for growth

Discover key areas where your teams need the most improvement. See leader scores relative to the team, and learn if there’s a “reality gap” between leader and team ratings. Understand the behaviors driving your teams, helping to reduce friction within teams and across departments.

  • Get concrete recommendations for improving your team’s challenge areas 
  • Surface blind spots to get a more accurate view of your team
  • Dig into your team’s DISC and Conflict styles to better understand and manage team dynamics
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Get actionable roadmaps to guide your team to improvements

Use customized roadmaps with clear steps on enhancing your team’s performance. Access an ever-growing library of articles and exercises for knowledge-based, data-driven guidance on additional growth and optimal team performance.

  • See exactly where your team needs to improve 
  • Access hundreds of resources mapped to your team’s action plan 
  • Use the platform’s team activities to align, learn and grow as a team