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RallyBright course offerings provide leaders and teams with customized learning and development opportunities. Give the best support for your team by choosing the right seminar or simulation for your next manager training or leadership academy.

RallyBright Academy

Proven, interactive leadership development training and simulations to help your leaders and managers Lead High-Performing Teams and Build Inclusive Teams.
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Drive performance and foster inclusion across your teams

When so many teams are expected to do more with less while also adjusting to challenging market conditions, are you doing enough to help your team grow and develop? Build your way to higher performance and resilience by creating inclusive, adaptable teams.
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Course: Leading High-Performance Teams

Educate and empower your leaders with the knowledge they need. Master the five main drivers of team resilience and outperformance, including the attitudes and behaviors that drive high-performing teams. Learn about the theories and behaviors that drive team success, as well as the most important tools and techniques to drive maximum impact on team development.

Course: Engaging a Team's Unique Dynamics (DISC)

Understanding our teammates and their work styles can be a struggle. Some need a strong sense of direction, and others need recognition to get the job done. Pinpointing who needs what can be a daunting task for even the most observant leaders. Our DISC workshop gives leaders the powerful tools they need to quickly decode and adapt to their colleagues’ working styles. By making the most of a team’s unique dynamics, leaders can build stronger connections by consciously engaging everyone’s unique working styles

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Course: Engaging Conflict

Engaging with conflict unproductively or avoiding it altogether can make or break an organization. How we deal with conflict depends on our predominant conflict styles. In this workshop, you’ll learn about the five main conflict styles people use during most situations. After identifying your teammates’ conflict styles, you’ll be able to surface conflict more constructively, reducing friction and maximizing impact on shared projects.

Course: Building Inclusive Teams

In an environment where pressure is on productivity and competition for talent is tough, creating an inclusive organizational culture has a real impact on your company’s bottom line. This course educates leaders on the six critical drivers of inclusive collaboration, and the attitudes and behaviors needed to establish, foster and measure a culture of inclusion and collaboration in the workplace.
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Training Simulations & Seminars

Choose between a variety of flexible course options. RallyBright offers interactive training seminars you can embed into your existing management trainings, leadership academies and leadership summits or hands-on simulations that utilize real data and business cases within your organization. You can also choose extensive simulations for multiple teams.