RallyBright for Change Management

Create meaningful and sustainable transformations

Effectively lead your teams through change with RallyBright’s tools for teams. Our software gives you the resources to boost team morale and engagement in the face of challenges and setbacks. Understand what is and isn’t working for your teams and quickly move forward with proven solutions.

Stay efficient and
adaptable through disruption

Change is unavoidable. Get the right help you need to meet the changes in your organization and transition smoothly between old and new.
Trusted by exceptional c-suite leaders at exceptional organizations:

Make laser-focused transformations for your business

Surface the core issues across your organization and get to the “real truth.” Avoid derailments due to management changes or other transformations. Leverage proven playbooks to ensure your moves are successful.

  • Quickly identify top organizational strengths and areas of your business that need immediate attention 
  • See organizational trends at a glance and discover teams that are thriving or struggling 
  • Track score distribution across teams to gauge team alignment
focus transformations illustration

Successfully merge existing teams and cultures

Quickly benchmark team strengths and vulnerabilities for new environments. Understand how change impacts your teams and how to unify team members through it. Align new teams around your company’s shared purpose and vision and reduce friction between teams across different departments.

  • Benchmark new teams for a valuable indicator of where they’re starting from
  • Unify newly merged teams around company values and behaviors
  • Get ahead of interpersonal friction by understanding the team’s dominant behavioral and conflict styles

Grow faster and get better results as your company transforms

Gain an unbiased view into which teams are performing and which teams need more support. Understand the best practices and themes across your organization. Replicate what works across other departments in your company and avoid any setbacks after moving too fast – or not fast enough.

  • Quickly identify top organizational strengths and areas of your business that need immediate attention 
  • Spot the thriving teams that can share best practices with other teams 
  • Get ahead of organizational weaknesses and below-benchmark results
accelerate transformations illustration
track transformation projects illustration

Effectively track your transformation projects

Track progress over time to see if your transformation is going to plan and to uncover and get ahead of roadblocks as soon as possible. Put the right structures in place for implementing remote or hybrid work. Ensure your leaders get up to speed quickly and your new teams work well together.

  • Easily measure and track organizational results quarter-to-quarter 
  • Quickly identify business areas that need support or other interventions
  • Unify distributed teams through a common framework for team outperformance