RallyBright Podcast Release: Real Talk With RallyBright

The team at RallyBright has some exciting news to share. Tomorrow, November 3, 2021, we will be launching our first podcast episode! 

Our podcast, Real Talk with RallyBright, is hosted by Sharon Tiger – a trusted advisor here at RallyBright. Not only does she have a successful background in podcasting, but she’s also passionate about leadership and learning more about it every day. 

The podcast showcases thought-provoking conversations with business leaders across various industries. Through real life examples from successful leaders, listeners can get tips on how to build resilient, high-performing, and resilient teams. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know!

Here’s What You’ll Learn

In the podcast, we’ll talk to a diverse group of leaders who will share their experience and stories of building teams in an ever-changing and complex workplace landscape. We decided to launch RealTalk with RallyBright because every business has the opportunity to make their workplace better. It’s just a matter of finding the right ideas to get started. 

We hope to help businesses think strategically about how to retain their employee talent and increase their company efficiency overall. Throughout our interviews, we’ll gather key insights from our guest leaders and hear about their personal recipes for success. Some components of team-building success include driving impact, boosting engagement, strengthening connections, and focusing on inclusivity.

Additionally, powerful leaders also share tips and lessons that they’ve learned along the way. You’ll hear regrets, comeback stories, and real perspectives about what goes on behind the scenes as a leader. If you’re somebody who likes to be one step ahead, Real Talk has you covered. Guests also share their predictions for company and team trends so you have a glimpse of what may be coming down the pike. Let’s break down the main themes of the podcast that Sharon and her guests expand on through discussion. 

Team Dynamics 

The podcast narrows in on the team dynamics that drive the best results. Successful team dynamics are ones where employees get along with one another and work towards a shared goal. Today, 39% of employees report that there is insufficient collaboration at their workplace. Even though empowering every employee to collaborate effectively can be a challenge, team leaders have the chance to level-up their team performance by helping their team members work better together. 

On Real Talk with RallyBright, we also discuss how leaders can invest in their teams so they can develop more positive team dynamics. Find out how to invest your time and effort into creating meaningful interactions with employees. 


When business leaders set targets for their team and then the team falls short, how do you identify what went wrong? What could possibly be improved next time the team executes? Many workplace shortcomings have a lack of collaboration and/or ineffective communication as their root cause. Real Talk covers how to achieve maximum impact and get teams back on track. 

That course-correcting starts with identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each team. Guests share their strategies for dealing with failure and moving beyond it. 


Engaging with all employees is a critical aspect of team success. Teams today are more diverse than they’ve ever been, and their members come from all kinds of backgrounds. From different generations and ethnicities, to various skill sets and workplace preferences, teams have become melting pots.

As a leader, how do you successfully bring team members together and establish connections between them? Every leader has their own tactics for boosting engagement. Real Talk’s in-depth discussions unpack what these tactics are.


Employees who feel included are more likely to be engaged, to stay at their jobs, and to perform well.  In fact, employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best.

Creating an inclusive workplace takes a deep understanding of team members and people in general. Employees need to be able to openly share their thoughts and feelings. On Real Talk, leaders discuss their strategies and the lived values that help make individuals on a team feel like they belong. Learn how to show employees that they are trusted and valued contributors on the team.

A Sneak Peek at Episode 1 and Beyond

If you’re as thrilled as we are about the new podcast, we’re happy to share a sneak peek. We have plenty of amazing guests lined up for the first few episodes. You can expect business leaders from around the world, including clients and influencers in leadership. In each episode, we will center attention on one of the topics we discussed above. Here’s what’s in store for the very first episode! 

Episode 1:Team Growth and Performance with Alex Boyd

Sharon sits down with Founder and CEO of RevenueZen Alex Boyd. Alex also works as an advisor to, and investor in, RallyBright. Alex shares his passion for improving team performance along with nurturing growth and connection. 

During the episode, Alex discusses what helps his team grow. “You have to pay attention to the things that they don’t necessarily say verbally,” Alex says. It’s a challenge that leaders can easily overlook unless they dig deep to find out how employees truly feel. “Being a good listener, while providing your leadership, helps people feel enough safety and structure to bring their full selves to work,” he reflects. The best leaders continuously develop their own empathy skills so they can better understand and connect with their teams. 

A Look Into Future Episodes

Check out some of our awesome guests and topics just to get an idea of what we have planned. 

  • Episode 2: Team Dynamics with Joe Colangelo, CEO & Co-Founder, Bear Analytics
  • Episode 3: Establishing Alignment with Greg Williams, Director of IT Operations, University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS)

We hope to bring value to anybody looking for ways that they can make their workplace better. Sharon is here to have real conversations on the Real Talk podcast, with real leaders around the world. Great leadership starts with recognizing how you can always be better.

With the release of our new podcast, get insights and wisdom you can use from well established leaders starting November  3, 2021. Check it out here!