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 In our new podcast, Real Talk with RallyBright, listeners will walk away with practical advice for building resilient, high-performing and inclusive teams and learn how some leaders are making work better for everyone.


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Ep. 1: Team Growth and Performance with Alex Boyd, CEO & Founder, RevenueZen

Ep. 2: Team Dynamics with Joe Colangelo, CEO & Co-Founder, Bear Analytics

Ep. 3: Establishing Alignment with Greg Williams, Director of IT Operations, University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Ep. 4: Building Connection and Purpose Through Hypergrowth With David Egts, Chief Technologist, North America, Public Sector, Red Hat

Ep. 5: The Building Blocks to Developing High Performing & Inclusive Teams With John Haynes

Ep. 6: Improving Team Collaboration With Megan Dunn

Ep. 7: Strengths-Based Teamwork for Business Success With Owner & Sr. Talent Strategist, I Am Strong Consulting, Chantal Henry

Ep. 8: Transparency and Role Clarity With Kareem Mossad, Executive Leadership Coach & Owner of Kempire Consulting

Ep. 9: How to Rally Your Team Around a Shared Vision and Set of Values With LTC(R) Oakland McCulloch

Ep. 10: How to Create a Culture Where It's Encouraged to Ask for Help With Karrie Brasazki, Fractional COO of Redwood Executive Coaching


About the host

Sharon Tiger is an advisor at RallyBright. In the different roles she has played during her career, she has encountered leaders of varying abilities, ranging from truly inspirational down to ineffective and self-defeating. As an entrepreneur working with clients across a wide range of industries, she is passionate about identifying and finding ways to harness the characteristics that translate into the type of leadership and resilient teams today's successful organizations demand.

She jumped at the chance to talk with leaders around the world on the Real Talk with RallyBright podcast and can't wait to share her conversations with listeners.

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