How Performance Review Software Transforms an Organization

An organization can achieve great results through several factors, such as having an excellent product or service, quality team members and a strong, aligned leadership team. However, there is one thing that can help any organization transform into its desired future state, accelerate growth and achieve its goals—performance review software.

Performance review software provides leaders and their teams with advanced and researched-backed tools to assess, benchmark and improve performance. While the traditional systems of performance reviews can often fall short (which we’ll touch on later), performance review software doesn’t just fill these gaps: It helps teams make tangible, significant improvements. 

Read on to see how you can revolutionize your performance management process and drive significant improvements across your teams.

How Do We View “Performance Review Software?”

Performance review software is unique from other solutions (such as surveys alone), and even within this space, a great variety of tools are available. For example, regarding RallyBright vs. traditional employee software, the former is different because it’s not just surveys and assessments. Instead, RallyBright provides managers and leaders with team development, coaching and survey tools to assess and improve the factors that drive team performance/team dynamics.

We view team performance software as team-based tools that help data-driven leaders quickly identify and tackle the top challenges keeping their teams from achieving success. For example, the RallyBright flagship team-centered assessment is built on research conducted over 20 years at leading organizations. It allows you to view team strengths and areas for improvement, along with roadmaps and resources to drive meaningful change for your team.

Performance review software also supplies leaders with consistent and validated measurements across teams, measuring where your team stands and alerting you of where they need to improve. That way, you can identify your highest-performing teams and understand how to operationalize their best practices.

Another key feature of team performance software is the emphasis on team behaviors. For example, with RallyBright, you get concrete definitions of the behaviors that drive your team and can dig into their DISC and conflict styles to best understand and manage the dynamics.

Here are some specific features your performance management software should include:

  • An intuitive platform: Implementing new software can be challenging, especially if it’s not intuitive or easy to use. The best performance management software includes an intuitive interface that saves time and effort. A user-friendly and customizable platform will allow you to add performance goals, performance items and strengths quickly and easily. 
  • Simple integration with other software: It’s likely that your organization already uses other software to make your employees more productive, such as Microsoft Office, GoDaddy or Evernote. If so, you should look for performance management software that can easily integrate with programs you already use and love, as this can prevent major headaches when the time comes to download, store or send performance management data. Before committing to performance management software, see if you can schedule a demonstration that displays how the software can work with other tools to see if it suits your organization. 
  • Data visualization: Not everyone feels excited about raw data, and it’s often difficult for many employees and managers to make sense of spreadsheets or documents full of numbers and figures. Finding performance management software that can easily translate raw data into meaningful graphs and charts showing changes over time can help your employees understand what they do well, where they could improve and how far they have come. 

Are Performance Reviews Important?

Are team performance reviews going the way of the dinosaur? While the modern performance review system has existed since at least the 1980s, performance reviews are still critical. However, the key is to deploy effective performance reviews in your organization and help you and your team arrive at your desired results.

What exactly do we mean by that? As it turns out, certain performance reviews are more effective in driving change and improvements than others. 

For example, studies show us that 95% of HR leaders are unhappy with traditional performance reviews and that 59% of employees say traditional reviews have “no impact” on their personal performance.” 

However, companies that give consistent feedback to their teams have more highly engaged employees and organizations with less turnover. 

This shows a gap between the potential of performance reviews and how they are administered. Because of this, many HR leaders say they’re changing how they manage performance. 

So, in short, performance reviews matter and drive transformations, but leaders must choose an effective solution.

The Evolution of Team Performance Management

While getting team performance management right might seem tricky, today’s tools and systems facilitate an easy, effective team management process. In the past, team performance management was manual, and its revelations were surface-level: Leaders and decision-makers had to issue employee engagement surveys or assessments and then draw conclusions from the results. 

But today’s team performance management tools are comprehensive and advanced. They lean on research, behavioral science and digital tools to provide leaders with mission-critical answers and insights into their team. 

Transforming the Employee Experience

Providing a fulfilling and engaging employee experience has become a top priority for organizations to achieve their goals and objectives. But how exactly does performance review software positively impact it?

Take a look: 

  • You can lead your employees and teams to higher resilience: Resilient teams can engage with opportunity, persist through challenges, recover quickly from setbacks and learn from those experiences. With performance review software, leaders can help their employees become more resilient, allowing them to better tackle challenges and arrive at positive outcomes.
  • You’ll learn your team’s strengths and weaknesses: With performance review software, you’ll get insights into where your team stands on the team development pathway. With this view into individual employee results, you can play to your employees’ strengths, setting them up for success. 
  • You’ll know how your team stands against its peers: Instead of operating in a silo, team performance review software allows you to benchmark your team against peers in your industry. That way, they won’t feel left in the dust.
  • You’ll quickly understand your team’s behaviors: Knowing your team’s behavior means getting insights into your team type, signature team conflict style, direction, performance and alignment. With this knowledge, you can focus on your team members’ strengths and help reduce friction within teams and across departments. 
  • You’re left with roadmaps, not questions: With traditional performance solutions, leaders are left with finished surveys and not much else. But with performance review software, you get customized, actionable roadmaps to guide your team to improvements. That way, you can facilitate targeted change in your team so your employees really feel the difference. 

…In Turn, Transforming the Organization

Today’s leading team performance software looks at the results of individual employees and how they play into the comprehensive team picture. When leaders have these valuable insights, they can use them to drive accelerated outcomes, discover and leverage hidden factors that drive team results and ultimately play to your team’s strengths in relationships, work styles and conflict styles. 

When a team is optimized, it means they’re working more efficiently and effectively toward their goals. This leads to improved productivity, higher-quality output and better team morale. This can also ripple across the rest of the organization, as their positive energy and success can inspire others to work harder and strive for excellence.

RallyBright Not Only Transform Teams, It Transforms Entire Organizations

Sure, team optimization and transformations matter. But today’s leading team performance software goes beyond that, allowing leaders to facilitate powerful organizational changes. 

We know much about team performance software because it’s what we do best. The RallyBright platform is designed and built for next-gen teamwork. It helps your teams optimize performance and adapt to rapidly shifting environments, learning and growing together from successes and setbacks. 

Let us show you exactly what we mean and how RallyBright can transform your team and organization’s performance. Try a RallyBright demo today.