RallyBright vs. Traditional Employee Survey Software

It’s no secret that capturing employee sentiment and engagement is critical for high-performing teams. Getting a pulse of how employees feel is central to predicting and understanding employee behavior, fostering positive team dynamics, helping team members build skills, and facilitating maximum employee engagement. 

While employee surveys are essential, traditional tools and methods often fall short of capturing accurate employee sentiment and engagement. This is where RallyBright comes in; it stands out from other typical types of employee survey software and can make a tangible difference in how your team performs.

Here’s everything you need to know about employee surveys, why they often fall short and how RallyBright can positively impact your company.  

What’s the End Goal of Traditional Employee Surveys?

Why do traditional employee surveys matter anyway? They’re a hallmark in the work landscape, and they’re often used to get feedback from team members. 

There are different types of employee surveys that might focus on a particular aspect of the organization (such as engagement). But ultimately, employee surveys illustrate a clear picture of what employees are really feeling so that positive areas can be reinforced and improvements can be made when necessary.

When surveys are done right, results from executive feedback show they can help predict employee behavior, give employees a chance to be heard and even lead to changes in employee behavior.

While the goals of standard employee surveys are very noble, they unfortunately often fail to meet their objectives and can even do more harm than good. 

Why Has This Fallen Short?

If traditional surveys are intended to do such good and yield such powerful results, why do they often fail to deliver? There are a few main reasons why this is typically the case.

Firstly, employee surveys on their own include no follow-up actions, and it appears that leaders find it challenging to act on data from surveys. One study found that almost 80% of managers did not view or act on the information from their employee surveys. 

Employee surveys also appear to make little difference in the lives of employees. That same study we just mentioned also found that 80% of employees said that doing an engagement survey made no difference in their working lives. 

There are several other reasons why employee surveys can lead to lackluster results. Oftentimes they are not data-backed and are instead random and haphazard. They also might not lead to insights that make a difference: you have all of these answers, but what do they mean?

When surveys are administered too often or unprofessionally, they can also lead to employee disengagement and negative employee morale around surveys. It’s noted that employees believe surveys won’t lead to lasting change

Traditional employee survey software can get answers from your team members, sure. But does this translate into data that can really move the needle? 

Let’s Talk About the RallyBright Way

When it comes to employee survey software, the RallyBright way is different from all other standard types of surveys. In fact, RallyBright is far closer to a team effectiveness tool than “just an ordinary survey,” and the platform is intended to give your organization the science, software and skills to build exceptional teams.

What Are Our Goals With Team Assessments?

First and foremost, RallyBright’s team assessments are science-backed, and these surveys provide both leaders and team members with the best science and software to drive optimal team performance and dynamics. 

These proven assessments don’t just ask yes or no questions: they give you insights into your team’s strengths and areas for improvement, roadmaps to drive meaningful change, a toolkit to track the progress of the workplace environment and even clear reports on your team’s DISC+ profiles.

The ultimate goal of the RallyBright team assessments is to give leaders much more than just data. They’re designed to give you the right data and insights you need to bring out the best in your team.

How Does RallyBright Differ?

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty: how exactly does RallyBright differ from other employee survey software? RallyBright has a suite of team-based tools specifically designed for enhancing team performance. 

RallyBright was created with the ethos that teams determine how an organization will perform in today’s collaboration-first world. Because of this, RallyBright helps teams optimize their performance by helping decision-makers lead their teams to higher resilience, benchmark and optimize team performance and quickly spot areas for growth.

Here are some of the hallmark elements of the RallyBright platform.

Resilient Teams

RallyBright’s flagship team-centered assessment helps leaders optimize team performance, resulting in more resilient teams. You’ll be able to view team strengths and areas for improvement. You’ll also be able to see roadmaps and resources that can drive meaningful, tangible change for your team.

These surveys were built on research conducted over 20 years at leading organizations and allow you to easily benchmark your team and see what you can do to drive the most impact.

Inclusive Collaboration Toolkit

RallyBright’s validated and research-back Inclusive Collaboration Toolkit is built on a validated workplace inclusion and collaboration model. It benchmarks the environment of your workplace and tracks progress within key areas that drive high performance, along with inclusive team and organizational cultures.

You’ll get insights into things like your team’s climate for collaboration and how included team members feel (based on self-reported feelings of psychological safety). Armed with this data, you can identify areas to concentrate on to enhance inclusion, ultimately empowering your team members to achieve their peak performance.

Team DISC+

In order to strengthen team dynamics, it’s necessary to dive into the personality and psychology of each team member. That’s why RallyBright gives leaders a team DISC+ report, which allows you to precisely decode your team’s behaviors and personality types. Specifically, RallyBright supplies leaders with insights into each team member’s work style and gives you a simple and actionable analysis of your team’s professional and personal priorities.

Team Conflict Style

Even the most cohesive teams are bound to experience conflict, so RallyBright also gives you a clear view of your team’s conflict styles. You’ll learn how your team operates on a granular level, how they manage and resolve conflict and how this style impacts other elements of the team (such as creativity, innovation and problem-solving).

RallyBright is so laser-focused, you’ll understand each team member’s primary and backup conflict styles, which can be crucial for understanding why conflicts are ending the way they are and why certain results aren’t achieved. 

Team Member Profiles

Behavioral science matters here at RallyBright, so we use it as the basis for our Team Member Profiles. These profiles will allow each team member to understand their own personality type and conflict style and learn more about how their colleagues operate. These insights can help all team members see exactly how their different behavioral styles impact things like communication and relationships in the workplace.

RallyBright Academy

RallyBright is all about empowering leaders and their teams; we even have tools supporting the team optimization process. RallyBright Academy’s course offerings include customized learning and development opportunities, including interactive leadership development training and simulations. These courses can help leaders and managers effectively lead the high-performing team of their dreams.

Using Your Results to Evolve Your Team

One of the biggest differences between RallyBright and average employee survey software is that RallyBright was created to help you evolve your team. With succinct, clear insights and takeaways, you’ll get a better handle on blind spots, consciously play to your team’s strengths, and target areas for improvement (which you might not have known needed some extra care).

With RallyBright’s actionable roadmaps, leaders can seamlessly guide their team’s improvements and use actionable steps to evolve their team. RallyBright also offers an ever-growing library of articles and exercises for knowledge-based, data-driven guidance for optimizing team performance.

Traditional Employee Surveys Don’t Cut It Anymore

Traditional employee surveys might have worked decades ago, but today’s work landscape is far too collaborative and high-stakes to leave team results up to chance. That’s why RallyBright was created to help leaders build exceptional teams that deliver high-impact results, plain and simple. 

Let us show you exactly what we mean and how RallyBright can transform your team’s performance. Try a RallyBright demo today