Why Teams Matter Now More Than Ever

As the next year closes in, many leaders have noticed a seismic shift in the landscape of work. We’ve seen the rise in hybrid and remote teams, and the need to rely on our network of teams to weather serious challenges across global markets. Now more than ever, we’re leaning on our teams to not only keep us afloat through disruption, but to drive unprecedented success for our organizations. When it comes to crushing our goals, teams have always been crucial, and we’re all beginning to appreciate just how much.

An individualistic approach to work isn’t enough to get ahead. Teams are taking center stage, replacing the narrative of the lone hero saving the day. The upcoming year is poised to be the year of the team, and for good reason. As we plan ahead, let’s dig into the importance of teams, including why next year will be the year for teamwork to shine.

Teams Are Our Guiding Forces through Unparalleled Uncertainty

It’s important that we recognize and celebrate how critical teams are to our success. Organizations are constantly evolving, as are the markets and other driving forces around the world. In the face of historic hurdles in the economy and the labor force, it’s clear we couldn’t have made it past these trials as individuals. None of us can face these challenges alone. It’s only the collective spirit of a team, with teamwork as our centering force, that’s helped us through these troubled waters.

In our new era of hybrid work, teams have become a real anchoring force for countless businesses. Diverse and resilient teams are the engines driving our organizations. We know that teams aren’t just a group of people assigned to work together. Teams are the architects of innovation and connectivity across our industries, with their leaders and managers steering the ship, guiding us toward better and brighter opportunities that lie ahead.

Sailing Out of the Storm with Everyone Rowing Together

Navigating disruption is just like sailing through a storm. Sometimes you have to pull down the sails and start rowing. We can only make it out when everyone is rowing in the same direction. Teams need a strong sense of direction and connection to keep them on course. While we can’t always know when these storms happen, we can ensure our teams and businesses not only survive, but thrive as they row to safety and success together toward our north stars.

When teams don’t have adequate connection or direction, this can lead to a barbell effect, where some members are unclear on where to go or what to do next. Teams who are sufficiently cohesive will have an easier time navigating the challenges ahead of them. This means leaders and managers need to provide necessary guidance and leverage the strengths of the individuals, with their teams executing on this unified vision out of the storm of disruption. Acting as navigators, leaders must provide clarity and instill confidence in the teams. This ensures every team member feels connected and aligned with the organization’s compass.

Finding Success through Teamwork Next Year and Beyond

As we embark on our new journeys next year, we can’t underestimate the power of teams, or dismiss this as a trend. In the face of disruptions, teams not only act as stabilizers, but they’re also the brave pioneers pushing businesses ahead through the turbulence. Any business that wants to succeed in the modern era can and should integrate teamwork as part of its broader organizational strategy.

By embracing hybrid and remote work, and encouraging stronger connection between team members, we can lean on our teams to bring us forward. Steering through disruption as a united front will see organizations sailing into the future with confidence. Wherever we’re headed as our destinations, we can only get there with a cohesive, connected team empowered by our vision and guidance as leaders.

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