Unlocking Potential: How High Performing Teams Drive Impact

At RallyBright, we help organizations build and measure high performing teams. We achieve this by giving leaders, managers, and team members the science, software, and guidance to unlock their full potential. But what does that mean in terms of how high performing teams drive a return on investment (ROI)?

1. Productivity Improvements

Developing a data informed culture of clear communication and collaboration through a team performance management system leads to higher team performance and productivity. According to a McKinsey report, “The Social Economy: Unlocking Value and Productivity through Social Technologies,” improved communication and collaboration through social technologies could raise the productivity of interaction workers by 20 to 25%. RallyBright provides data-driven insights and recommendations to clarify communications, overcome internal and external friction on teams, and increase team commitment and accountability.

2. Stronger Team Dynamics

The way team members interact with each other influences the team’s ability to cooperate, solve problems, and achieve goals. Clear, open, and effective communication is vital for better teamwork and high performance teams. A study from MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory found that patterns of communication within a team are the most significant factor in a team’s success – even more than the intelligence, personality, or skills of the individual members. This makes team building a critical skill for leadership. Because when team building is driven by unbiased data about how team members communicate and their individual work styles (e.g. DISC, Conflict Style), team building becomes more efficient and effective. 

Embracing the diversity of team member personality and workstyles – along with their diversity of culture, ethnicity, gender and other factors – is critical to driving inclusion and belonging on teams. In RallyBright’s latest Inclusive Collaboration study, we found that the top quartile of employees with a sense of belonging had 30% higher job satisfaction and 80% lower turnover intent.

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3. Improved Decision Making 

RallyBright analytics and insights provide leaders and their team members with a clear understanding of their strengths and vulnerabilities and trends across their organization. This leads to more informed and strategic decision-making, and provides a framework for greater innovation and more creative problem-solving. Research published in the Journal of Applied Psychology showed that teams engaging in decision-focused conflict and problem-solving demonstrate improved team performance. The scrutiny of assumptions and in-depth exploration of different ideas each contribute to a better ROI.

4. Productive Conflict Resolution

Productive conflict relates to differences in ideas, strategies, and processes, and it is surfaced and resolved by not harming relationships or making conflict personal. This is distinct from destructive or negative conflict, which is personal, poorly managed, and detrimental to team performance. Successful teams and managers know how to encourage the former and manage or prevent the latter.

A meta-analysis in the Journal of Applied Psychology confirmed that when teams engage in conflict around tasks or ideas (as opposed to personal conflict), it can lead to improved performance and productivity. RallyBright provides the data and insights into how conflict affects team performance, and provides each team member insights into how both they and the team can surface and resolve conflict in a constructive and productive way.

5. Reduced Operational Costs

The RallyBright platform’s scalability and customizability can reduce the need for multiple different tools or platforms, creating an aligned view of the team members, their teams, leadership, and the organization. This leads to faster insights and cost savings in data collection, aggregation, and reporting. A report by Deloitte, “2020 Global Human Capital Trends”, noted that companies with connected and user-friendly systems for operations saw an up to 16% increase in employee output, alluding to potential cost savings and better resource allocation.

6. Employee Retention

Employee turnover can be costly. By increasing employee engagement and satisfaction, RallyBright can help leadership reduce turnover and the associated costs. This is echoed by Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report, which found that businesses with a high degree of employee engagement showed 21% higher profitability. Moreover, highly engaged, high performance teams show a 24%-59% lower turnover rate, which further emphasizes the value proposition of a platform focused on enabling leadership to build high performance teams.

7. Goal Achievement

RallyBright’s actionable insights, goal setting, and roadmap guidance features can help ensure that teams and their leaders are focused on the most productive tasks and objectives. A study published in the American Psychologist, “Building a Practically Useful Theory of Goal Setting and Task Motivation”, revealed that specific, difficult goals consistently led to higher performance than ‘do your best’ goals or no goals.

8. Professional Development

Continuous feedback and learning can lead to the professional development of team members and greater skill set development in leaders. Research published in the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology suggests that feedback interventions can lead to an average performance improvement of 0.66 standard deviations, a substantial effect in organizational contexts. Furthermore, LinkedIn’s 2020 Workplace Learning Report states that 94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development.


The RallyBright platform can generate significant ROI for teams and organizations by creating a more productive, engaged, and collaborative work environment. When managers are empowered to become better leaders through actionable data and insights, they are better enabled to instill trust in their teams, communicate more effectively, and innovate more quickly.  Fostering the right team dynamics and behaviors focused on performance leverages that trust, creating more motivated talent. This increases the likelihood that teams will be more accountable, align on clearer goals, empower one another, and invest in achieving continuous success.

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