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Team performance drives

business results


Businesses thrive or fail based on how well their teams perform. And performance is significantly impacted by team dynamics – how well people on a team relate to each other and their work. That's why we help team members understand one another, work together better and quantify their progress towards shared goals and higher performance.

The best teams invest in constant improvement

Better business outcomes are the result of intentional effort and a shared willingness to figure out what it takes to succeed. Sustained success requires taking the time to investigate why things are (or aren't) working and what needs to be done differently. The greatest teams invest energy in performance development and the high-impact conversations supported by RallyBright Teams.

RallyBright Teams Toolkit

Our toolkit includes assessments that provide insights on two key areas of team dynamics: why your team is performing as it is, and how your team resolves conflict. In short, we provide a window into the factors that most impact your business results and your culture. You also get access to a library of resources that includes articles, research, team exercises and additional tools from our partners and coaches. As needed, you may also hire one of our certified coaches to facilitate your RallyBright Teams assessment or conduct a customized workshop specific to your situation.


RallyBright Resilient Teams

Our proprietary team assessment is based on proven behavioral science research. RallyBright Resilient Teams™ measures and benchmarks your team’s abilities across the five essential attributes crucial for long-lasting, high-performance teams: Attitude. Alignment. Connection. Direction. Performance.


RallyBright Team Conflict Style

Once you understand the key elements affecting your team's performance, you can go a level deeper to understand how teams typically surface and resolve conflict. Constructive conflict has long been considered the x-factor of innovation, leading to new ways of seeing the world and overcoming challenges. With RallyBright's Team Conflict Style assessment, you can help your team members consciously understand why they tend to react in certain ways in the face of conflict and help them focus on the problem without taking such conflicts personally.


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