RallyBright Inclusive Collaboration Toolkit


Measure, diagnose and improve inclusive collaboration across your teams and organization with our new Inclusive Collaboration Toolkit.

Get the actionable insights you need to attract and keep top talent by targeting the cultural variables that most directly affect employee job satisfaction and turnover intention. 


The six dimensions of inclusion and collaboration

When teams collaborate inclusively, they align on common goals and also on the interpersonal norms that will ensure success for both individuals and the group as a whole.  We know from our research that inclusive collaboration spans six distinct dimensions essential for high-performance teams: alignment, cooperation, compassion, fairness, psychological safety, and belonging.


Shared Purpose

Group Commitment


Role Clarity


Knowledge Sharing






Embracing Diversity

Psychological Safety


Speaking Up

Embracing Failure





Inclusive Collaboration At Work Study

Our June 2021 study, which informed the Toolkit development, captured insights about how individuals currently think about work and what they need to engage, stay, and thrive.

Collaboration tool

Benchmark your team and organizational climate for inclusive collaboration

Get a snapshot of the climate for collaboration, as well as how included team members feel based on self-reported feelings of psychological safety and belonging.


Discover where to focus to drive greater inclusion and deeper impact

Identify your team’s strengths and opportunities for improvement, and get insight into how you can better support and develop your team members to perform at their best.


Improve your team's capacity for inclusive collaboration with a customized roadmap and our resource library

The Inclusive Collaboration Toolkit gives you a customized roadmap to guide you towards greater inclusion and high-performance collaboration. Our community members gain access to an ever-growing library of individual- and team- based exercises and educational articles.


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