Unleashing Resilience: Embracing Adaptability for Small Business Leaders in Today's Volatile Landscape

Webinar | July 19, 2023, 12:00-12:45pm ET

Discover the keys to embracing adaptability and building resilient teams in the dynamic technology industry. As small business leaders, you are facing challenging economic conditions, leadership changes, a push to return to the office, and concerns about burnout and quiet quitting. And likely even more.

Join experts from RallyBright and Contemporary Leadership Advisors in a transformative webinar tailored for small business leaders in the technology industry. Learn how to navigate uncertainty and foster adaptability within your teams to drive success. Gain practical insights and strategies from our experiences working with leaders like you.

During the session, we will:

  • Clarify the environmental conditions impacting technology organization and teams
  • Explore adaptability as a critical skillset to enhance team resilience
  • Hear best practices for building adaptability and how these practices are leading to results
  • Assess your organizations current capabilities with adaptability
Our speakers include Mike Sweeney – Chief Strategy Officer at RallyBright and former VP at Bain & Company and Dan Fisher – Consulting psychologist and co-founder of the Institute for Contemporary Leadership (ICL) and Managing Partner at Contemporary Leadership Advisors (CLA). Both have extensive experience working with executives and high performing teams.
Don’t miss out on a chance to learn how startups to enterprise tech companies like ChurnZero, VMware, and Salesforce are developing their adaptability and building resilient teams.
The interactive presentation will last approximately 30 minutes with 15-minutes at the end for Q&A.
Register today as spaces are limited.

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