Try Swift, the RallyBright Leadership Experience

Get a calibrated view of your team’s performance and where to focus your development efforts.

Whether you’re a new leader or an experienced one, your team may be suffering from these common roadblocks:

  1. Ineffective decision-making
  2. Low trust between team members
  3. Slow responsiveness to change
  4. Passive and unproductive behaviors
  5. Pessimism about the future

Your team’s success depends on pinpointing each problem and taking precise action to move forward with impact.

RallyBright gives you the science, software and skills to understand your team’s strengths and areas for improvement. Start your quick, free assessment today and get immediate, actionable insights on the biggest issues holding your team back.

Measure your team’s resilience with pinpoint accuracy.

Resilient teams thrive in any situation. Take a short science-backed assessment to uncover what your team needs to become resilient. Learn where your team falls under the five proven dimensions that determine a group’s resilience, and get a personalized roadmap for strengthening your team.

Dig into your results and take action.

Gain a data-driven summary of your team’s strengths and areas for improvement, allowing you to take deliberate action on your team’s top vulnerabilities. Review your recommendations and resources from RallyBright. Make guided improvements across one of the five dimensions for resilient teams, and grow your team and your organization to greater success.

Get a personalized playbook to tackle your team’s challenges.

Receive expert recommendations from RallyBright with the most effective steps to take for your team. Use your new roadmap to make targeted improvements, and track your team’s progress and growth over time. Make the most of our data-driven suggestions to build an exceptional team for your business.

Access guided resources tailored for your team's unique growth opportunities.

Use personalized assets tied to your team’s areas for improvement. Leverage RallyBright’s library of over 200 curated exercises, videos and articles. Learn from our proven resources that have helped countless other teams reach their full potential.