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Get to know yourself better so you can work better

Being deeply engaged and effective at work is only possible when you have an awareness and understanding of who you are and how you work. Your personality type, behavioral traits and tendencies related to mindset, stress and conflict all influence how you interact with your team.


Understand how you and your team members work at work

RallyBright Profile

Your RallyBright Profile is a behavioral-science based, quantified profile wholly unique to you. Once it’s created, you can share it with your coach or team, explore the related resource library or take advantage of a personalized pathway to improvement in any area of your choosing. The profile contains private assessments and personalized resources that you can choose to share with your coach or team.


RallyBright DISC

The DISC assessment is a personality test that provides a simple, actionable assessment of your professional and personal priorities and preferences. Gain a better understanding of your own behaviors, as well as those of your colleagues. ** Included with RallyBright for Teams


RallyBright Conflict Style

The individual Conflict Style assessment helps you understand how you interpret and manage moments of conflict. Get insight on the common behaviors and pros and cons of your signature and backup conflict styles. ** Included with RallyBright for Teams


RallyBright ARQ

The RallyBright ARQ™ measures and benchmarks your levels of resilience – the secret ingredient for long-term, sustainable high performance. Assess your resilience across the five key dimensions that define it, and understand steps to take to develop greater resilience. * Free with RallyBright for Individuals ** Premium Report Included with RallyBright for Teams


Stress & Burnout

Environmental Stress

Working in today’s world often means navigating extreme conditions – those that test your psychological, emotional and interpersonal strengths. Take the quiz to measure the environmental stress you currently experience. * Free with RallyBright for Individuals


Some work environments are so demanding that they put you at high risk of physical and/or emotional exhaustion. Gauge your level of risk and prevent burnout with this quick quiz. * Free with RallyBright for Individuals


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