Accelerate Your Impact as a Coach: Complimentary Certification Grant

Lunch-n-Learn Webinar | March 29, 2023, Noon EST

RallyBright is now offering full grants to our Resilient Teams certification program for coaches who work with teams. Register here for a 30-minute information session about the grant program on Mar 29, 2023 at 12pm EST.

Getting certified in the administration of the RallyBright Teams Platform will help you accelerate your impact as a team coach and expand more thoroughly within organizations by leveraging the platform’s unique capabilities for driving exceptional team growth.

Graduates of the certification program will be eligible to run a low-to-no-cost pilot of our tool with one of your teams, seeing the platform’s benefits for real teams in real-time.

Accelerate and validate your impact working with teams by leveraging the RallyBright Resilient Teams platform.

Thank you for your interest.

RallyBright Resilient Teams Platform

The Resilient Teams platform provides quick and actionable insights for teams and clients, leading to game-changing breakthroughs for businesses worldwide.

Our powerful, science-backed tool quickly produces a roadmap for team improvement. You can use this data to quantify the results of your team interviews, easily justify your engagements, and quickly identify areas for improvement, and measure progress. Utilize the RallyBright Resilient Teams platform to expand your work with teams or organizations, for both current and potential clients.

Experience for yourself – free of cost – the power of adding Resilient Teams assessments to your coaching and/or consulting engagements. All attendees of this lunch-n-learn will be invited to our next certification session at no cost.

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