Incorporating Inclusion

A breakthrough for high-performance collaboration

Our mission at RallyBright is to make work better for everyone.  Currently we're focusing on how to make collaboration more successful and impactful in the context of both the shift to a remote and often isolated pandemic workforce as well as the strategies companies are developing to bring their people back to the office.

Our conclusion is that collaboration is less influenced by where it takes place than by how inclusive it is. We've studied the concept of inclusive collaboration from multiple angles – looking at how employees feel they are valued, examining the concept of belonging as it relates to truly being part of a team, and considering authenticity and how individuals describe being their true selves at work.

We believe, and research suggests, that inclusive collaboration – collaboration that promotes diverse perspectives and prioritizes psychological safety and connection – drives the success of teams and organizations.

We’d love to help you drive greater collaboration, inclusion and impact at your organization. Let us show you how.

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What can I expect?

  • An introduction to our validated inclusive collaboration model, which measures inclusion and collaboration across six key behavioral and attitudinal dimensions
  • A discussion of your climate and inclusion goals & challenges as a leader and insights about how you can reach or overcome them
  • A live, customized product demo showing how to get the most benefit from RallyBright's Collaboration & Inclusion Toolkit for your team
  • No pressure to purchase

What kinds of issues will this help me address?

  • Low team morale and/or engagement
  • High attrition
  • Widespread employee and team burnout
  • Team conflict
  • Lack of psychological safety on teams or across organizations
  • Altered sense of purpose in the wake of COVID-related disruption
  • New/combined or high-turnover teams
  • Office re-entry culture shock

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