Webinar: Building High-Performance Teams in 2022

Wednesday, Feb 23, 2-3pm ET

Did you know that only 18% of organizations report that their leaders are effective at meeting business goals?

The wave of resignations, reshufflings and other seismic changes in the workplace over the past two years have presented a unique opportunity for leaders to step into a new approach to managing high-performance teams. 

Despite the challenges teams everywhere are facing, there *IS* a formula for success when it comes to teams that rise above the competition. Set up your team for success by learning the attitudes and behaviors that forward-thinking companies like VMware, Hulu, Zoom, and Data.world use to drive healthy team dynamics and meaningful team impact.

Join us!

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In this one-hour webinar you will learn:

  • How the ability to create resilient teams separates good leaders from top leaders and the 5 key resilience pillars you need to know.
  • The three biggest obstacles we’ve seen facing teams over the past 2 years of disruption, and how successful leaders overcame them.  
  • The foundational behaviors and attitudes of team resilience, and how you can normalize them on your team.   
  • Why “belonging” is the key factor currently driving employer job satisfaction and turnover rate, and how to amplify feelings of belonging on your team.

Meet your hosts


John Estafanous

CEO & Founder of RallyBright


Josie Raney

RallyBright Chief of Staff & Chief Marketing Officer

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